Resident information

Renting with us?

Here's what you need to know.

Tenant handbook

Read our Tenant Handbook and be across your Tenancy Agreement - which sets out rules for renting our community or affordable homes.

Water Charging Info Sheet

Paying rent

You'll pay a bond when you move in then you'll pay rent to us via monthly or fortnightly payments, direct debits or through Centrelink deductions.

Rent and Eligibility Info Sheet

Repairs & maintenance

Request a repair and find out about repair turn-around times, including emergency repairs.


Complete a Pet Application Form if you have or hope to get a pet.

Pets Info Sheet


You can have visitors anytime, but sub-letting is not allowed. Ensure your visitors follow the rules of your Tenancy Agreement and don't disturb your neighbours or park in their car spots.

Going away

If you need to be away from your home for eight weeks or more, you'll need to let us know. If you're away for more than five months in a year, you might not be eligible to stay on as a tenant.

Temporary absences


Let us know if you're unhappy with something at your home.


Neighbourhood disputes

Try to resolve these before they escalate, or call the Queensland Government's Dispute Resolution Centre on 1800 017 288.

Moving or leaving

You can apply for a transfer if your needs have changed. You'll also need to notify us if you want to move out.

Getting involved

We have Resident Engagement Meetings that provide us with insights and ideas for improvement. All current tenants are eligible to attend.
Contact you local Housing Office to take part in these meetings.


Find the form you need from our list below.

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Resident Newsletter

Download our latest edition of HouseTalk.

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More information for residents

Paying rent

You'll pay rent to us via internet transfer from your bank or we can deduct it directly from your Centrelink allowance, if you prefer. We don't accept cash payments.

Rent is due monthly. Some residents choose to make fortnightly payments, or others pay the full amount once a month. You'll be given all the bank information you need when you sign your Tenancy Agreement with us.

It's important to pay your rent on time. We're here to help if you think you might fall behind in rent, so it doesn't get to the stage where we may need to end your tenancy. Contact us if you need to discuss your options. 

Transfers or leaving


If your home no longer suits your needs, you can request to move by filling in a Transfer Application Form

To be considered, you must meet at least one of the following:

  • your safety is at risk
  • you need to live in a particular location in order to access essential services, secure work, meet cultural obligations, to gain access to your children or for family/informal support
  • the design and/or size of your current home no longer meets your household's needs.

You'll also need to have up-to-date rent and show that your current home has been kept in good condition.

If we approve your request, you'll need to notify us of where you need to live, or six locations (suburbs, towns or cities) of your choice. We'll look for a suitable property of ours to transfer you to. If we don't have any available properties, we'll connect you with another housing provider or the Queensland Government.


As outlined in your Tenancy Agreement, you'll need to let us know if you're intending to leave. We'll inspect your property and discuss bond with you. If your home remains in good condition, like it was when you moved in, you'll get your bond back.

Additional Support

Our team can help if you're struggling to pay your rent on time, maintain your home, or stay on good terms with your neighbours. With your consent, we can also make referrals to external agencies if you're experiencing mental health concerns, family violence, financial difficulties or other circumstances which may impact your ability to meet your tenancy requirements.

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