Eldership and Church Governance

Introduction and General Resources

The Eldership and Church Governance Framework is designed to provide a church leadership with support and resources to meet their governance and leadership responsibilities. The framework is split into three broad areas that an eldership must take responsibility for within their church community:

  • A Christ-centered community
  • A well-led community
  • A safe and legal community

The Framework refers to a series of suggested governance documents. Examples, templates and guidelines for these documents are provided in the following sections. Contact [email protected] for word versions of any documents.

The church governance actions - calendar provides an overview of church governance actions outlined in the Framework and suggested annual rhythms for review of documents and conduct of training.

The Christian Management Australia (CMA) website also contains many resources to support church governance, including:

  • CMA essential standards for ministry governance
  • CMA self-assessment tool for governance
  • Annual training for church boards offered by CMA

The Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC), specifically the Manage Your Charity section, also contains many governance resources.

Contact the Church and Community Engagement Team at [email protected] or call 1800 193 438 with any questions or for consultancy support.

Christ-centered Community

Leaders of a Christ-centered community ask the questions: are we relating and leading the way Jesus would and is our church culture honouring God?

  • Change management process
  • Conflict management procedure
  • Complaints handling procedure
  • Defining Mission, Vision and Values Statements
  • Procedure for high level pastoral issues
  • Process for providing a position on significant theological issues

Safe and Legal Community

The Eldership is responsible for putting measures in place to ensure that the church is safe for everyone involved and that its legal responsibilities are being met. A safe church will have safe people, places and programs.

The Eldership is also required to oversee any reporting requirements to external entities including Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) and Churches of Christ in Queensland.

Well Led Community

The eldership is responsible for ensuring the church community is well led.