Foster care

Queensland needs more foster carers

Sadly in Queensland, new children enter the child protection system every day. You can help create a better tomorrow by becoming a foster carer with us - one of Queensland's largest foster care providers. We train and support foster carers for 3,000 children each year, children who've sadly suffered, or are at risk of suffering, abuse or neglect and can no longer live at home.

About foster care

Our foster carers are everyday people doing extraordinary things - providing hope and brighter futures for Queensland children who need it most. Children and young people are referred to us by the QLD government, once it is determined they can no longer live safely at home.

Types of foster care

We have different types of foster care opportunities, including short or long-term care, specialist care, respite care and kinship care - where family or someone already well known to the child becomes their carer.

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Why become a foster carer?

If you have a safe, caring and stable home, you could be a great foster carer. Queensland doesn't have enough foster carers, and you can help change this.

Reasons people become foster carers

Who's eligible to be a foster carer?

Any Queenslander can apply to be a foster carer with us - you just need to be an eligible adult who can provide a stable and caring home. Our carers can be singles, couples, families, LGBTIQ+, renters, home-owners, full-time workers and more.

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Financial support

All foster carers are eligible for a tax-free government allowance - with a base fortnightly allowance to help cover daily living expenses.. There are also other allowances available. These aren't considered income for Centrelink or the ATO. There's also a Carer Business Discount Card, offering retail discounts across QLD.

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Training & support

All our foster carers receive initial training before a foster child is placed with them. They then receive ongoing training. All carers are provided with a 24/7 emergency contact they can call anytime for advice or assistance when caring for a foster child.

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