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Starting your aged care journey?

Here's a quick guide to the steps you'll take.

1. Research

Everyone wants to stay at home for as long as possible. But if illness, a fall, accident or change makes this hard, you might consider aged care. Take a look online, ask your friends and family, and search for aged care homes near you.
Find an aged care home

2. ACAT assessment 

The Australian Government determines who's eligible for government-funded aged care and support through its Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) process. If you're planning to apply for aged care, you'll need to do a face-to-face ACAT assessment first and then be notified that you're eligible for aged care. Not eligible? You can still access our aged care services - you'll just need to pay more for private - or 'self-funded' care.
Learn more: ACAT

3. Book a tour

If you've found an aged care home you like, book a tour. It may not have any rooms available right now, but some may be free soon. You'll get a clear sense of the safe and welcoming communities we create, specially designed and purpose-built for older Australians. Ask for a copy of the home's Handbook and Resident Agreement. You may wish to visit a few homes.
Book a tour

4. Read documents

Read the Handbook and Resident Agreement for the aged care home you're considering. Always call them with any specific questions you can't find answers to.

5. Seek independent advice

We recommend you seek independent financial and legal advice when considering moving into an aged care home.
Senior financial advice

6. Arrange an income and asset test

If you're applying for funded aged care, you'll do this Australian Government assessment online, and find out if you're able to contribute financially to the cost of your care, or if the government will help pay your costs.
Take the first step

7. Select your aged care home

Contact the aged care home you're interested in to begin the application process. They'll tell you if there is a waiting list, or if you're able to move in immediately. If there's a waiting list, it's a good idea to apply to a few different homes  - especially if you're in hospital and wanting to leave as soon as possible.
Find an aged care home

8. Accept an offer

You'll be contacted by a home that has availability and be invited to accept a room offer. You'll be asked to accept the offer and sign the Resident Agreement.

9. Select your accommodation option

You can choose to pay a lump sum (Refundable Accommodation Deposit), rental-style daily payment or a combination of both. Once selected, you'll receive your contract - your legal right to move in.
Learn more about costs

10. Leaving your home

If you choose to sell your home, a local real estate agency can help you learn more about the market, arrange a valuation and sale. If you're moving from a retirement village, the village can help with your relocation to aged care and will help you finalise exit fees.

11. Moving in

Your aged care home will meet with you, your family and healthcare team to build a detailed understanding of you, your personality, history, hobbies and care needs. You'll make your first accommodation payment and begin your care payments.
Upfront costs

12. Living in

While living in your aged care home, you'll enjoy everything it has to offer - fun social activities you might choose to join, beautiful grounds and facilities. You'll pay a basic daily care fee to cover things like meals, cleaning, laundry, heating and cooling.
Day-to-day costs

13. Leaving 

If you paid a lump sum Refundable Accommodation Deposit when you moved in, the balance will be returned to you or your estate when you leave.
Exit costs

Stories from our residents

Meet Claudia

Resident at Buckingham Gardens Aged Care

Claudia is one of the happy residents at Buckingham Gardens Aged Care Service. In this video she tells us about what makes Buckingham Gardens a nice place to be. Some of Claudia’s highlights include the wonderful staff, making new friends with her fellow residents, and taking part in the busy activities calendar. 

Meet Bob

Bob is one of the lovely residents at Fassifern Aged Care Service. Bob tells us what he likes about life at the service, from the beautiful gardens, to the helpful staff, seeing some familiar faces from Boonah, and making new friends. Watch the full video to learn more and find out why Bob would recommend Fassifern to anyone.

Meet Diane

Resident at Buckingham Gardens 

Diane lives at our Buckingham Gardens Aged Care Service. It didn't take long for her to feel at home with the friendly residents and staff to welcome her, and the diverse range of activities she was invited to participate in. Here, Diane talks about life at Buckingham Gardens and how she has fully embraced this new chapter of her life.

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