Retirement village costs explained

Quick guide to costs

When you're thinking of moving into a retirement village, it's important you get all the information about costs. While costs differ depending on each village, here is an overview of what you can expect.

Moving in

You'll make a one-off payment to move into your retirement village related to the 'sale price' that your new home was advertised for. This is also known as an ingoing contribution. You'll also pay an admin fee of $660.
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Living in

While living in your retirement village, you'll pay a fortnightly fee. This covers things like maintenance, repairs, grounds keeping, building insurance, administration and staff wages.
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You'll pay a deferred management fee, an 'exit fee and also a termination fee when you leave. The amount depends on the contract option you selected when you moved in, the ingoing contribution fee you paid, and how long you stayed.
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We recommend you seek independent financial and legal advice when considering moving into a retirement village.

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We're always open about our costs and are here to help you understand them. Speak to one of our retirement living professionals by contacting us.

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