Youth support

We're here to provide help and home

Every year, we help young Queenslanders who can't live at home through our specialist youth programs.

What we do

Our practical youth support programs are located across Queensland and are specially designed to help vulnerable young people build confidence, resilience, life skills, and thrive. 

After-care support

We help young people approaching 18 work towards successfully leave care by supporting them through innovative programs like Next Step Plus and Youth CONNECT.
Transition to adulthood

Residential care (out-of-home care)

We're one of Queensland's largest residential care providers for young people aged up to 17, providing stable and supportive homes to those who need this most.
Learn about residential care

Our youth support programs

A day in the life of a Youth Worker

Hear from some of our dedicated Youth Workers about a typical day in the life in this challenging but rewarding career. The team members describe the supportive team culture they work in, and how they navigate some of the challenges of working with young people who have experienced significant trauma. 

Youth support services

with Mike Folland, Director Child, Family and Housing

Mike shares the realities for young people in non-family-based care, or residential care, who no longer have access to a range of support and resources once they turn 18.

Supported Independent Living Services

with Darren Llewellyn - Program & Practice Lead

Supported Independent Living Services focus on young people aged between 15 and 18. The goal is to get them ready for independent living. 

Are you receiving support from us?

If you're in one of youth support programs, here's some helpful info for you.

Youth space