Meet our leadership team

Leadership team

Mike Folland, Director Child, Family and Housing Services

Mike oversees the strategic direction of our Housing team, providing innovative leadership that inspires and allows those we support to experience home, hope, wellbeing, welcome and community.
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Gus Taddeo, General Manager - Housing Services

Gus is responsible for social housing strategy and delivery, and management of housing teams.
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Andy Denniss, Business Development Manager - Housing Services

Andy is responsible for social housing development, liaising with developers, government and other key stakeholders to deliver new homes.
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Meet Gus Taddeo

Housing General Manager

Gus Taddeo is  inspired by the ethos and mission of the organisation, who look after some of the most vulnerable individuals and communities.


Housing services 

Located across five regions, the housing team is responsible for:

  • housing allocations
  • tenancy and property management
  • neighbourhood management
  • repair and maintenance support
  • home visits and property inspections
  • tenancy planning
  • support service referral and information

Support services

The Family and Individual Support Service team assists residents to overcome barriers to achieve long-term, safe and secure housing, providing support for:

  • budgeting
  • living skills
  • positive parenting
  • tenancy support
  • accessing other specialist services

Asset management

Our asset team looks after the properties, ensuring they are safe and secure. They conduct:

  • property condition surveys
  • post maintenance inspections
  • property alteration assessments
  • planned maintenance and upgrades
  • contractor insurance and licence checks

Business support

Helps ensure we can continue to provide social housing to Queenslanders who need homes. This includes overseeing:

  • finance
  • human resources
  • information technology
  • quality and compliance
  • work health and safety
  • resource management

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