Our support for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander families

What we do

For First Nations children and young people, it's vital for their development that they maintain their cultural, community and family links - key parts of their identity. Children with a strong sense of identity are more likely to develop strong self-esteem, confidence and grow into resilient adults. Guided by our Cultural Practice Framework, we work hard to maintain strong family links, supporting both children and families through what's always a tough time, but one that we know can often get better.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement Officers

These specialist staff will work alongside Indigenous families, foster children, foster carers and our case workers to identify ways that children can remain best connected to their family and culture while living away from home.

Cultural connection plan

Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement Officers will help case workers develop a cultural connection plan for the foster child, outlining their unique cultural story, identifying cultural opportunities for their growth and ensuring visits and time with family are as frequent as possible.

Gili Burra Advisory Representatives

This committee provides us with cultural advice on how we work with families, foster children and carers. They are extremely knowledgeable and well placed to ensure Indigenous foster children receive the cultural care and support they need.

We also...

Provide cultural training for carers

We offer a range of in-person, 1:1 mentoring, group and online training for carers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait foster children.

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Match children with carers

Wherever possible, we'll try to match an Indigenous child with an Indigenous carer, which is often most likely through kinship care, where a child is placed with a relative or someone in their community they have an established relationship with.

About kinship care

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