Quality & compliance

Keeping your home safe & secure

Our housing team is here to ensure your home meets regulations, standards and is safe and secure.

We are a registered Tier 1 provider with the National Regulatory System for Community Housing, meeting all national standards.

Our asset team looks after our properties, ensuring they are safe for you. We conduct:

  • property condition surveys
  • post maintenance inspections
  • property alteration assessments
  • contractor insurance and license checks
  • planned maintenance and upgrades.

We work with a range of pre-approved tradespeople and suppliers, who we'll contract to do repairs and maintenance on your home.

All our contractors are appropriately qualified and licensed, and are required to sign a code of conduct and a supplier contract. These outline that contractors are expected to treat our tenants with courtesy, respect and sensitivity.

All of our new housing developments are designed and constructed to government building codes and relevant regulations.

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