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We work alongside our residents to build a strong sense of community where you live, and ensure you’re supported to maintain your tenancy. In addition to your Housing Officer, we have Community Engagement and Chaplaincy teams who can help you combat social isolation, care for your wellbeing and support your community to thrive.

What's on

Events and Activities

Our Community Engagement team publishes a yearly calendar of events, which includes everything we run from luncheons themed around certain celebrations and awareness days to large Neighbourhood Days where support organisations offer their services to you for free.
2023’s Community Engagement calendar will be available in December, and we will letterbox drop reminders about each event before it happens.

Resident Social Clubs

Many of our larger communities have resident-led social clubs that aim to spread joy and form bonds among neighbours by way of functions, activities and other community-minded initiatives. If your community doesn’t already have one, speak to us about how we can support you to create one!

Support Programs

Your Housing Officer can put you in touch with the Community Engagement team if you’d like to get involved in any of the support programs we offer. Classes and workshops are usually run out of a community centre or office. If you need more focused assistance, we can refer you to an external agency who specialises in the type of support you require.

Digital Literacy Training

We recognise how important it is for people to be confident using digital technologies in an increasingly online world. We offer both individual and group-based classes for residents to increase their level of digital literacy, regardless of how confident they already are using technology.

SPER Hardship Partner Program

As a SPER Hardship Partner, we offer opportunities for residents to participate in life skills workshops and unpaid work placements, helping you to reduce you SPER debt through non-financial means.

Money Minded Workshops

These classes can assist residents to create a budget, learn to reduce debt and simply become more confident managing their finances.

Resident Engagement Meetings

We hold regular dialogues with residents about things that affect you and where you live. We focus on community development initiatives, social connections and consult with you about how our service is delivered. 
Resident Engagement Meetings are run at least twice a year per region, and any resident is welcome to attend. Contact your Housing Officer if you'd like to attend the next REM.

Pastoral Care

You can engage with one of our Community Chaplains if you’d like support adapting to changing circumstances or the other challenges life may bring. The Chaplaincy team can suggest strategies to support your wellbeing, or simply be someone for you to talk with.
Talk to your Housing Officer if you’d like to be referred to a Community Chaplain, or say hi them when they’re on-site.

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