Application process to become a kinship carer

Have you been approached as a potential kinship carer?

Here's a quick guide to the steps you'll take:

Decide if it's right for you

You may want to help the child and their parents, but you'll need to think carefully about taking on the responsibility. If there are other people in your house, they'll also need to be supportive. Our case worker will ring you to learn about your situation and to hear your thoughts on kinship care.  

Home visit

If you're interested in proceeding, our case worker will visit you. You'll complete an Expression of Interest form and ID Check. We'll conduct a Household Safety Study to ensure your home meets safety requirements (e.g working smoke alarm, medicines safely stored etc).

Provisional approval

If you're being asked to care for the child immediately, you'll be granted a provisional approval from the Department after a successful home visit, background checks and a brief discussion with you. This approval lasts for 90 days while the more comprehensive process - the initial assessment - begins.

Initial assessment

Even if you've been granted provisional approval, you'll need to do an initial assessment with us. This includes a medical check by a GP and organising a Blue Card (working with children check). There will also be other child protection checks and referee phone calls.


We'll call you or visit you to tell you if we're recommending you to the Department as a kinship carer. We'll then notify the Department of our recommendation, and the Department will then approve you as a kinship carer.

Support worker

We'll link you with one of our dedicated case workers, and will start the process of transitioning the child into your care.

Child moves in

The child moves into your home - which they may already know very well and be comfortable with. You'll begin your day-to-day life together and begin establishing routines.

Training & support

We'll offer you training and ongoing advice and support as you move forward as a kinship carer. In addition to your case worker, you'll also have a 24/7 on-call assistance number you can ring anytime for advice.

Apply for kinship care allowance

All kinship carers are eligible for a tax-free foster care government allowance - with a base fortnightly allowance starting around $525. There are also other allowances available. There's also a Carer Business Discount Card, offering discounts across QLD.

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