If you can provide a safe and caring home, you could be a great foster carer.

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Did you know any Queenslander can apply to become a foster carer?

There are lots of misconceptions about who can be a foster carer. At the end of the day, if you're an adult who cares about children and are able to provide a safe, stable and caring home, you might make a great foster carer. Our carers can be singles, couples, families, LGBTIQ+, renters, home-owners, full-time workers and stay-at-home parents. Becoming a foster parent is incredibly rewarding - you really are changing a child's life for the better, every day.

Relationship status

Single, de-facto, married, LGBTQIA+, you can apply to be a foster carer.

Meet Renee and Kristy, who are a married couple dedicated to fostering children.

Family situation

Kids or teens of your own, grandkids or no children, this doesn't matter - you can apply to be a foster carer.

Meet Jacqui, who lives with her partner, their three biological children and three foster children. 

Your age

You'll need to be an adult, and there's no maximum age - many older people make great foster carers.

Your home

Renter or home owner, you can apply to be a foster carer. Others in your home will need to support your decision, though.

Your health

You'll need to be reasonably healthy and as part of your application process, you'll do a health assessment. Many people  have health conditions they manage well, and make great foster carers.

Your job

You can work full-time, part-time or not work and apply to become a foster carer. Many people work and their foster children attend childcare, kindergarten or school.

Meet Jodie, who left her full-time job to spend more quality time with her foster children. 

Your culture

Anyone aged 18 and over from any cultural background can apply to be a foster carer.

Past offences

You'll need to be able to obtain a Blue Card (working with children check) to be considered for foster care.

Different abilities

You might have different abilities to other people. We provide ongoing support to our diverse community of carers.

Meet Josh & Renae, who have acquired skills specifically around managing trauma in children and special needs conditions. 



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