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Carer's Age

Newborn to 18 years

Age of children

Currently a full-time, long term carer

Type of care

All my concerns are listened to, validated and followed up in a timely manner with complete transparency in communication.

Jodie – Townsville Carer

Jodie's decision to leave her full-time job was driven by her strong desire to be more available for the children she was caring for. She recognised the importance of being present in their lives and wanted to make a profound difference in their futures. By dedicating her time and attention to the children, she knew she could provide them with the support they needed to thrive.

Fortunately, Jodie found a supportive network in the experienced and committed team here at Churches of Christ. Through the guidance and assistance provided it has allowed her to offer the highest level of care for the children in her home. With our support, she is now able to create a nurturing and loving environment where the children feel safe and loved.

Jodie understands the impact she can have on these young lives and is grateful for the opportunity to make a lasting and positive difference. By prioritising their well-being and being there for them every step of the way, she is helping to shape their futures and create a foundation for their success.

"Churches of Christ are beside you every step of the way. You are never on your own. Every home and child are different so never compare yourself to others. Just do you. If you are unsure, start small like respite. Find your feet and then move forward to a permanent placement.  

It is the most rewarding and heart fulfilling journey you’ll ever experience in life. The little people ask for nothing more than to feel safe, secure and be loved and cared for.

The most common comment I get is ‘how do you do it, I could never give them back!’. Because I know that each little person has received love and care and felt safe for however long is needed.  I am blessed to be that person to provide that care and see the children develop and grow.”

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