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Every day, our foster and kinship carers have a deep and meaningful impact on the lives of children. We provide essential support and guidance to over 1,050 carers across Queensland who care for more than 1,800 foster children. By exploring their profiles below, you can gain insights into the triumphs and challenges of foster care, as well as understand the deep motivation that drives them to change children’s lives for the better.


Jodie is a full-time foster carer and provides long and short term, respite and emergency care to the Townsville region. 
Read her story.

Emilea & Murray

Read how Emilea and Murray balance full-time caregiving and work to support a teenager in their inspiring story. 
Read their story.

Andrew & Yvonne

Andrew and Yvonne have dedicated the past 14 years to being foster carers with Churches of Christ. Click below to hear more about their inspiring journey and the impact they have made. 
Read their story.

Josh & Renae

Josh and Renae share their experience as carers with Churches of Christ, highlighting the importance of training, education, and continuous communication with our team.
Read their testimonial.


Jacqui and her partner create a loving and diverse family with three biological children and three foster children, providing a nurturing environment for all six kids. 
Watch her interview.

Peter & Izanne

Peter and Izanne, devoted Kinship Carers for their grandson, find the experience of caring for him to be incredibly rewarding.
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