Extended Post Care Support

How does Extended Post Care Support work?

Young people who have turned 18 after 1 July 2023, and are transitioning into adulthood from foster or kinship care, supported independent living, or residential care may be eligible for our Extended Post Care services until their 21st birthday. This service is free, and voluntary. 

Financial assistance of up to $16,000 annually, to help cover living expenses, is potentially available for those leaving a care arrangement to live independently.

Speak with your Child Safety Officer to explore the opportunities provided by Extended Post Care Support. 

Once you are referred, our dedicated team will work closely with you, offering culturally appropriate, proactive, and practical assistance. This includes:

  • support in finding safe and affordable residence
  • application processes such as Medicare, birth certificate or drivers licence
  • employment applications or enrolment in training courses
  • maintaining connections with family, culture, Country, and community
  • supporting you to attend health and wellbeing appointments.

For those who turn 19 on or after July 1st 2023, and continue residing in the household of their former carer or guardian, the fortnightly care allowance will continue to support them until their 21st birthday.

It is important to note that individuals that turned 18, 19, or 20 before July 1, 2023, are ineligible for Extended Post Care Support but remain eligible for support through our Next Step Plus program.

Our Extended Post Care Support program is available for those living in Mt Isa, Townsville and surrounds. Speak with your Child Safety Officer or our friendly team based in Townsville to explore how Extended Post Care Support can help you. If you live in other regions across Queensland and would like to be linked to a local Extended Post Care Support provider near you, we can assist you to establish contact.

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