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Forms, processes and resources for our affiliated churches

Safe Churches

Safe churches begin and end with the knowledge that God’s love is for all people. We are called to love all others, but God also has a special concern for the poor, the marginalised and the oppressed. Safeguarding is both an individual and a corporate responsibility.
 Find all of your forms and processes relating to our Safe Churches here. 
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Eldership and Church Governance

The Eldership and Church Governance Framework is designed to provide a church leadership with support and resources to meet their governance and leadership responsibilities.
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Endorsement and Wellbeing

If you are taking on a ministering persons role in one of our affiliated churches, then your wellbeing is important to us. To help us support all our ministering persons we have the requirement that you are endorsed as part of our minimum standards.
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The Church from the Paddock

A history of Churches of Christ. Second Edition. 
1883 - 2013

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