How to become a kinship carer

Creating a home for a child you know and love

It's likely you'll have been approached by us or the Queensland Government's Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs to become a kinship carer.

The Department determines when it's no longer safe for a child to remain living at home, and will ask the child (if old enough) and parents to name potential kinship carers who already know and love the child.

Kinship care is often the best alternative for children who can't remain in the immediate family home, as they still remain connected to their family, community and culture - all vital to help a child build a strong sense of identity.

Steps to becoming a kinship carer

Initial contact

We'll phone you after we receive a referral from the Department and speak with you about the possibility of kinship care. You can also call the Department if you know of a child going into foster care that you may be able to provide kinship care for.

Considering kinship care

Can kinship care work in your household? Do you have enough time for a child or young person? Are there other people in your household? Other adults will also need to be supportive and assessed as part of the application process.

Application process

We'll help you through every step of the application process. Provisional approval can happen fast, when a child needs to leave home immediately. The in-depth kinship care assessment can then take a few months. There are kinship care requirements, outlined in the application process.

Begin kinship care

If you've met the kinship care requirements and have been approved as a kinship carer, we'll work with you and establish a contact plan for the child to visit their parents and family.

Kinship care ends or continues long-term

The goal of kinship care may be to reunite a child with their immediate family, wherever possible. If a child is able to return to a safe home after a period of kinship care, we'll help with the transition. If a child is unable to return home, we'll stay in regular contact with you and begin creating a long-term care arrangement.

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