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More than 400,000 Australians have dementia, including Alzheimer's, and we support hundreds through our dementia specific aged care services that focus on helping each resident with their memory, mood and behaviour.

We offer both permanent or short stay specialist dementia care programs, all staffed 24/7 by our compassionate and qualified carers and registered nurses. These aged care homes include secure areas where dementia care residents can live safely, without getting lost or scared.

We develop personalised dementia care programs, working closely with a resident's family and healthcare team to understand a person's history, likes, dislikes and communication style. This helps us provide the right kind of comfort, any time they become scared, frustrated or unhappy.

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Are you eligible?

Anyone wanting to access funded dementia care needs to apply through the Australian Government's My Aged Care program. You'll need to do an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) Assessment before we can welcome you.

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What you can expect during dementia care

Your ACAT Assessment will state whether you've been approved for care. This will help inform how our team prepares for and cares for you. Many dementia care residents do have high care needs.

Personalised care program

We work closely with each resident, their family and healthcare team to understand their unique needs. Dementia care is so different - what works well for one resident may not for another. Our fully trained and qualified carers get to know each resident well, and create a specific care program tailored to their preferences, personal history and needs.

Safe environment

Our aged care homes with dementia care programs are specially designed and built to help residents stay safe and comfortable. We have secure areas for those who may otherwise get lost, scared or upset.

Costs of dementia specific aged care

The Australian Government sets the fees for aged care homes, and there are no additional costs for dementia care.

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