Our people

Meet our families

"We really like family day care because of the small numbers and relaxed environment. Both of our children have attended and it has been a wonderful experience! They have made very special friends and have developed close relationships with their 'day care Mum'."

- Rachael and Anthony, parents with Jamboree Heights Family Day Care

"We would recommend Churches of Christ Care Family Day Care Wide Bay to others. In fact we have already! From the initial phone calls and meetings, to play dates when transitioning into care, nothing has been a bother, and every concern has been addressed. There is a real sense of community between the educators and the Wide Bay team in general."

- Joelle, parent with Wide Bay Family Day Care

"The service provided by Maryborough In Home Care means our children have access to quality, loving and structured care which we could not otherwise access due to our location.  Exceptional staff, resources, and ongoing meetings and visits provide us with all we need to ensure our children are cared for safely in our home on a daily basis."

Rachael and Dane, parents with Maryborough In-Home Care



Meet our carers

"I would thoroughly recommend becoming a foster carer to anyone. Within seconds of our first child arriving, we knew it was the best decision we'd ever made."

- Barry & Kate, Foster Carers

"It's their trust. They look at you with those innocent eyes ready to trust again and, in turn, you give them the love they need. You want to make them feel valued and loved, but it's the children who impart those feelings to you."

- Jane, Foster Carer


"Being able to care for these beautiful children and see the change in them have made me happier and more content than I've been in a long time. I have all the confidence in the world."

- Sue, Foster Carer


"The difference a hug makes to a child is indescribable. And the joy you see in their faces from something so simple, a gift or whatever it may be, is just magical."

- Debbie, Foster Carer


"Helping these children is the best thing we've ever done. I tell everybody to do it because it’s so rewarding for both you and the children. They get so much out of it."

- Steve & Lisa, Foster Carers



Meet our team

"We support our fellow colleagues and volunteers and work hard to develop innovation to meet the needs of clients.  I feel that I work for an organisation that continues to focus on improvement and creating real change for vulnerable people."

- Kate Martin, Program and Practice Development Manager

"It is the passion and dedication of staff that allows our children and young people to have opportunities to feel nurtured, important and to just simply be themselves."

- Leanne Rutherford, General Manager

"The most rewarding part of my role is visiting a service and seeing the work I do at my computer being transformed into everyday practice!"

- Cathy Brandon, Quality and Compliance Officer, Early Childhood

“Connecting and communicating in a meaningful way with Young People is important to me, and consistently being someone that they can rely on makes the world of difference” 

Jacob Spall - Senior Youth Worker, Semi-independent Living Services

“I support our team of case workers and foster carers, no two days are the same. It is so rewarding to see smiles on children’s faces and proud moments when our carers realise they’ve made a difference.”

- Leanne Smith, Senior Admin Support Officer, CYF