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How we support foster children and carers

Our foster care program has been created to help children move forward from adversity and trauma. We work closely with our foster carers, ensuring they are well-trained and continually supported as they open their homes and hearts to Queensland's most vulnerable children.

Our program is guided by the Sanctuary Model of Care, which helps us best respond to children who've experienced significant stress or trauma.

The Sanctuary Model is designed specifically to create safe and healing environments for children, families and adults.

We understand the impact trauma and severe stress has on children's lives, and we work with you and your foster child to help move you forward together in a foster home full of hope, backed by the support of our foster care team.

About the Sanctuary Model

Explore foster care opportunities

We are one of Queensland's largest foster care providers, helping around 3,000 children a year through our leading foster care program. Learn about the types of foster care we provide and find out more about day-to-day life as a foster carer.

Short-term care

You'll have a foster child for a few weeks to 6 months. These children can be reunited with their family - and you can help work towards that goal, too.

Long-term care

You'll have the same foster child for more than 6 months and be by their side as they grow. These children are those unlikely to be reunited with their family.

Specialist care

You'll have experience with children with challenging behaviours, children with disability, or those from particular cultural backgrounds.

We also offer

Emergency care

These carers step in when a child needs a home immediately - often with just a few hours notice.  

Respite care

You give full-time foster carers a break, stepping in to take a foster child for a day or so during weekends or holidays.  

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