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Long-term, short-term or once-in-a-while, our different foster care programs are designed to suit different carers and households.

Our foster carers all live in Queensland and range from full-time workers, to stay-at-home parents, renters, home-owners, singles and co-parenting couples.

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Short-term care

You'll have a foster child for a few weeks to 6 months. These children can be reunited with their family afterward, and you'll be helping to work towards this goal.

Long-term care

You'll have the same foster child for more than 6 months and be by their side as they grow. These children are those unlikely to be reunited with their family.

Emergency care

You'll step in when a child needs a home immediately - often with just a few hours notice. They may not stay long, perhaps for just a few days or weeks until a suitable short or long-term foster home becomes available.

Respite care

You provide relief foster care to give full-time carers a break. You might have a foster child during a weekend or school holidays. Respite foster care is a great way for people to help their community.

I am very busy, I work full time, I travel for work, which can make things challenging to juggle, however we‘ve chosen to do emergency and respite care mainly, as that fits in with the flexibility and give us a lifestyle balance as well.
Janna, respite carer.

We also offer specialist foster care

If you have skills with children living with disabilities, you might make a great foster carer.

Children with disability

You'll have experience with children with disability, and be able to meet their care needs.

Caring for a foster child with disability

Children with challenging behaviours

You'll have experience with children with challenging behaviours, and will be trained in our intensive foster care program.

Learn more about intensive foster care

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Stories from our foster carers

Stories from our foster carers

Stories from our foster carers

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