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Your support will help strengthen communities by empowering individuals to better care for themselves and each other, ultimately creating lasting change.

In keeping with our mission to bring the light of Christ into communities, we have developed Mission Action Strategies that will effectively impact local communities, bringing uplift and transformation to vulnerable children and adults.

Through our local churches and care and support services we touch tens of thousands of lives each year. With your help we will continue to expand our reach across broader demographic, providing crucial services and support to those with the greatest needs.

Some of our project priorities include:

All of these projects are delivering real outcomes each and every day for vulnerable children and adults in their local communities but require much needed funds to continue.

Donate now and help communities and individuals have greater access to basic services, creating a meaningful change in their lives.

Social Enterprise

SE QLD and Townsville - Access Place Gardens and Mowing. Operates in the Moreton Bay, Logan, Ipswich, and Brisbane local government areas, as well as a small presence in Townsville. This initiative was established to support vulnerable clients in areas of high need within these areas - individuals who may otherwise be excluded from the labour market to transition into work.

Access Place (Atherton)

All about coffee, community and care. An on-site Community Chaplain is available to provide support to all members of the community in a safe and relaxed environment. The space is also used by other community organisations for events such as a training space for young hospitality workers and art exhibitions showcasing local artists’ work. The aim is to establish more Access Places in other regions to help more communities come together in a safe and supportive environment.

Men’s Sheds

Includes ‘mobile sheds’ to support rural and farming communities. The purpose of the ‘shed’ is to provide a safe and caring environment for men to come together, bond and have support from other men around them during good times and bad. Churches of Christ in Queensland supports Men’s Sheds in Toowoomba, Townsville and Southport.

The Mooring (Gold Coast)

Churches of Christ in Queensland works with the Intensive Care Unit at the Gold Coast University Hospital to provide support services to families who struggle to cover costs of visiting loved ones in hospital. This service provides these families with accommodation near the hospital, meals, food vouchers, care packs with bathroom amenities, food hampers pre-paid Go Cards, fuel vouchers etc. Every Christmas food hampers are also handed out to those in need at the hospital.

Southport Food Pantry (Gold Coast)

This is an open space where volunteers come together once a week to distribute heavily discounted food to those in need. Boxes of fresh bread, fruit and vegetables valued at $40 are sold for $10, and a “Best Before” shop offers heavily discounted pantry items. Coffee and tea is also available. Any left over items are given to Affordable Housing Tenants.

During each morning tea, there is the opportunity given for discussions centred on issues of faith, hope and God.

Access Place Psychology and Counselling

Professionally qualified therapists provide free therapy sessions to a broad range of people with varying psychological and emotional needs. Whilst all therapists are Christians and all services are located at local Churches of Christ Churches, everyone is welcome to call on our help, regardless of religion, beliefs or background.

Hand in Hand Program (Kallangur)

This program runs on Thursdays in connection with the local Care network and Rivers Church in Kallangur. The program consists of volunteers who dedicate their time to the less fortunate by providing food hampers, support and counselling. The volunteers also encourage and assist people to engage in the CAP program if and when needed. The food is mostly donated with the non-perishables being purchased.

The Well (Nambour)

This conveniently located shop, directly across from the Nambour Hospital, offers a welcome respite for patients, visitors and staff. Run by volunteers who serve free tea and coffee, The Well is an ideal escape from the stress of the hospital.

Coffee Chaplaincy (Nambour)

A group of volunteers attends the Mental Health Ward at the Nambour Hospital, bringing with them coffee and plenty of love and understanding. The volunteers lend a caring ear, and speak with staff and patients about the stresses of the hospital, and general topics of conversation.