Donate now

With a rapidly growing population in the developing country of Vanuatu, the demand for health services is increasing.

You can help by making a donation to Churches of Christ Medical Santo who, in partnership with the Vanuatu Ministry of Health, are helping improve the existing health services, and provide support and primary health care to the region.

Medical Santo does not receive government funding. Instead we rely on the generosity of donors, volunteers and supporters.

Over 2,000 lives changed in the past year… and this is only the beginning!

By donating, you will help provide the region with better services including:

•    primary health care
•    mobile medical services to local and remote communities
•    dental care
•    diabetes treatment and care
•    rural health
•    emergency care
•    training and support to medical staff in Vanuatu
•    operating and administering a clinic, providing international standard medical care
•    development of resources
•    natural disaster emergency support, such as the volcano eruption on neighbouring Ambae

Donate now and make a real difference helping people in need gain access to better health care and live longer healthier lives. Thank you for your support.

For further information regarding Churches of Christ Medical Santo, please call 1800 600 900 or email