Thousands of children and adults are living in dire circumstances - often through no fault of their own - in need of food, shelter, medical care, protection and reassurance.

You can help transform lives by making a one-off donation or becoming a regular monthly donor.

When you donate, you will be making a meaningful difference to those desperately in need of assistance: the elderly and infirmed, at-risk children, disenfranchised and homeless youth, families living in poverty, and communities in the wake of natural disasters.

Funds will be allocated to the area where they are immediately needed most including:

Your generosity will also allow Churches of Christ to invest in ongoing programs which will give impoverished people access to financial, physical, emotional and spiritual support through all stages of their journey, helping to transform their lives.

Thank you for agreeing to make a generous donation. Completing your donation will just take a few minutes.


To donate by cheque, print and complete the form below and post to: Fundraising, PO Box 508 Kenmore QLD 4069.

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To donate by direct deposit, please call 1800 600 900.