31 Mar 2021

Hope-bringing vaccination

Seniors Living
At Toowoomba Aged Care Service, Elva Turrell is enjoying trivia in the lounge with her friends at. With a huge bright smile, she lights up any room she is in.

Elva has been a resident at our Toowoomba service for 10 months, moving in at the height of the pandemic restrictions.

“I moved in and I had to isolate for two weeks, in a totally strange environment, but it was ok, it went quickly,” Elva said.

These days she and her group of friends enjoy playing scrabble in the café and other games with the Lifestyle Coordinator arranges, “He always has something to keep us busy and entertained,” she said.

One of the main things that Elva was looking forward to was receiving her COVID-19 vaccination.

“I am very happy about getting it, because I think the sooner that we can get it under control, the better for everybody. We are very vulnerable.”

While in Toowoomba the restrictions placed on aged care services were not as far reaching and severe as in other locations across the country, they still had an impact for Elva, her friends and fellow residents.

 “It did impact us a bit because we couldn’t have visitors. We couldn’t have them, then they could only come for an hour and we couldn’t see our grand kids under 16. All these things did affect us.

“But they looked after us so well here though that I didn’t have a problem with it.”

Elva acknowledges that for her fellow aged care residents in Victoria and other hard-hit locations, it must have been hard.

“It must have been so hard down there, you know. But at least it [the restrictions and lockdowns] has kept them on track to get it under control, if they hadn’t of gone as hard as they did they might not be in the good position they are now,” she said.

Elva has now received the vaccination that she hopes will bring an end to the pandemic.

“I discussed the vaccination with my doctor and he is very happy for me to get it.”

While she believes the vaccination is for the greater good, and will protect vulnerable older Australian’s like herself, she acknowledges that it is up to each individual.

“One of my friends, an older lady, she has decided not to get it, which is up to her to decide.”

It is hoped that through the rollout of the vaccination and people actively rolling up their sleeves to receive it, it will mean that  restrictions caused by the pandemic will be a thing of the past, and residents can continue to see their loved ones.

Director of Seniors Care, Richard de Haast, welcomes the rollout of the vaccination to our services.
“Vaccination against COVID-19 is just one part of keeping our community safe and healthy and protecting vulnerable older Australian’s,” Richard said.

He acknowledges though that there has been mis-information circulated surrounding the vaccine, and urges anyone with questions about its safety and efficacy to get their research from trusted sources, including the Department of Health website.