Bringing the light

Bringing the light story

At the centre sits an individual, happy, healthy and whole. Surrounding and embracing is their family and primary carers, their warmth keeps the individual’s fire bright.

Protecting the individual and their family from the darkness are their community, represented by the green ring.

Supporting everyone is Churches of Christ, represented by the white ring, their staff are present to listen and support individuals, families and communities through personalised care.

The happy and supported individual has light radiating out, bringing light to all those they come in contact with. When someone is happy, healthy and whole their light shines from them and creates light in the lives of those around.

Connecting the artwork is the representation of a String game, this game was and is played as a part of traditional life, as a mechanism for storytelling and bonding as it is almost always played by two people.

The string game is played by boys and girls, men and women and elders. It is played as a part of both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditions. It represents happiness, togetherness and a deep connection with culture that is passed down through generations.

Australia as an island nation surrounded by water, as you move further inland you traverse rainforest country, onto bush country and into desert country. Churches of Christ help individuals, families and communities find their light when it seems lost, they make people’s lives lighter, brighter and better.

‘Bringing the Light’ by artist Jenna Lee, a Gulumerridjin (Larrakia), Wardaman and KarraJarri Saltwater woman commissioned by GIlimbaa on behalf of Churches of Christ.