Our commitment to First Nations peoples

Here at Churches of Christ, we walk alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians every day.

Indigenous Australians are our colleagues, counsel, clients and tenants. We are committed to playing our part to protect and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, and to help create a better future for First Nations peoples.

In 2015, we created our first Reconciliation Action Plan, endorsed by Reconciliation Australia.

We have since released updated Reconciliation Action Plans, based on deeper engagement with Indigenous Australians and led by our Gili Burra Indigenous Advisory Committee.

2023-25 Reconciliation Action Plan

Currently in development
Download 2023-2025 RAP

2017-19 Reconciliation Action Plan

See our previous plan here.
Download 2017-2019 RAP

2015-17 Reconciliation Action Plan

See our first plan here.
Download 2015-2017 RAP

Bringing the light

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