Mission & Strategy

Our purpose & approach

Here at Churches of Christ, our vision is to build supportive, integrated communities; to deliver innovative, holistic, caring services; and to empower people to live hope-filled, meaningful lives. This vision is supported by our mission and the strategy we've set to help us achieve our goals.

Our mission

We exist to bring the light of Christ into communities.

Our strategy

We're guided by seven key areas as we move forward, grow and provide more care and support to more people who need our help.

About our mission

Our mission is: Bringing the light of Christ into communities.

This mission is about providing hope and a path forward - everything we do is about providing support and care. Like Jesus, we care for all, but have a particular drive to help those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged. With our compassion and care, we can help people find a better future, or a more comfortable today. Everything we do - the way we work and the services we offer - are guided by this mission. 

Our strategy

Working toward our mission has seen our organisation grow to almost 4,000 employees as we reach out to more people who need our help. With an organisation this large and complex, our strategy provides us with a clear roadmap to help us on our way. Our 2019-24 Strategic Plan is designed around seven strategic priority areas, that help us focus on creating initiatives and improvements that help us achieve our mission.

Build the Kingdom of God

Lead in Serving the Community

Innovate and Improve

We're working toward a better future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

Build our Culture

Develop our People

Provide the Right Support

Manage Well

Our strategic plan

See our 2019-24 Strategic Plan.