Volunteer with us

Volunteering opportunities with Churches of Christ in Queensland

Why choose us?

We understand that volunteering is a big commitment and you probably already have a lot on your plate. So imagine a flexible way of being able to volunteer that complements your work, family commitments, leisure time or education - a way that allows you to truly enjoy your experience. Consequently:

  • We are committed to best practice management of our volunteers. We are focused on continuous improvement with a goal of being a volunteer organisation of choice
  • Our volunteers are an integral part of our team and are included in all we do
  • We set you up for success with all you need to do your job to your best
  • We offer unique and innovative roles based on your skills, values and personal goals
  • We truly respect and appreciate our volunteers’ efforts, and celebrate and reward them whenever we can
  • We are dedicated to strengthening communities through social, cultural and economic integration
  • We believe actions are stronger than words and behave accordingly.


Who can volunteer?

Imagine not being limited by your age, gender, nationality or culture. With us it doesn’t matter how young or old you are and you can be from any walk of life. You can be:

  • a young person or school or university student
  • a retiree and older person
  • a newly arrived resident or international student
  • someone with a disability
  • part of a corporate group, local club or association
  • a Centrelink customer with participation requirements including Mature Age and Work for the Dole
  • a resident or client of our services.

After all, it’s your compassion and commitment that plays a large part in determining how successful you’ll be.

Naturally, there are some important legislative requirements you'll need to fulfil. These include the right to work and volunteer in Australia and personal history checks like a National Police Certificate or working with children checks may be a requirement for some roles. That said, most volunteer roles don’t require any previous experience and usually don’t involve a minimum time commitment.

We work closely with you to help find the perfect role for you. 

Check our current volunteer opportunities here


Volunteering with us means you create your own opportunities.

We will work closely with you to match your skills, interests and time constraints with a role that complements them. Doing so is relatively easy since we offer a wide range of programs and activities across our care and support services along with our mission enterprises.

So the only limitation is your imagination.

Check our current opportunities here

Care services

Our care services provide care and support to thousands of children, adults and families. They deliver an exceptional quality of care and a sense of community for all they come in contact with.

Volunteering with us is a chance to help change people’s lives for the better.

There are many areas where even the small stuff can make a huge difference including:

Check our current volunteer opportunities here

Mission enterprises

We help individuals and communities to connect by providing a range of missional and outreach services wherever there is a need. Current outreaches include:

More information about our mission enterprises is available here


Support services

Our support services provide essential technical and professional backup to our face-to-services. Without one, the other can’t function.

Better still, if you volunteer in our support services, due to the size of our organisation, you’ll enjoy a great deal of variety. You’ll also discover a range of opportunities to move across different areas of the organisation.

Check our current volunteer opportunities here

The benefits of volunteering

Volunteering is good for the mind, body and soul! Research shows volunteering leads to improved physical and mental health¹. In fact, there are as many benefits to volunteering as there are motivations for getting involved. And to ensure you make the most of this experience we’ll support you as much as possible.

Volunteering with us will help you:

  • Learn and develop new skills (or sharpen old ones) and widen your career opportunities
  • Share your current skills and passions with those who will appreciate them most
  • Support your educational studies
  • Connect with and give back to your local community
  • Get motivated and enjoy a sense of achievement
  • Make new friends
  • Make someone’s day
  • Enjoy new experiences that help you learn and grow
  • Improve your health, wellbeing and self-esteem
  • Set a challenge for your peers to get involved!

¹Australian Bureau of Statistics 2007