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Churches of Christ in Queensland

Churches of Christ in Queensland

We are a church and community organisation encompassing a group of affiliated, mainstream Christian churches along with a range of care and community services and faith-related groups.

We have played an active part in the Queensland community for more than 130 years and have a significant presence with over 200 services in more than 100 communities. We also partner with Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania providing care services through Churches of Christ Care.

Our mission is to bring the light of Christ into communities in a loving, practical way that makes our clients’ lives a little easier. If you’re concerned that you may need to be a Christian in order to join us, don’t be. For us, Christianity means a culture of inclusiveness and compassion not discrimination and judgement. It’s thanks to people like you that we’re able to literally touch tens of thousands of lives each year.

We believe everyone is deserving of our help regardless of their religion, beliefs or background. The same goes for our team members. We don’t worry about tattoos, piercings or lifestyles so long as you have the qualifications and, above all, a big heart.

Our missional services include:

  • Children's
  • Youth
  • Women’s
  • Second half ministry
  • Chaplaincy support in community and residential aged care facilities
  • Men’s sheds
  • Mission action partnerships, and
  • Global mission projects.

These services are funded through a mix of government subsidies, grants, donations, fees and charges.

For those who are interested in our faith, our churches are generally quite informal and have no fixed order of service. We do not see a Church of Christ as a building. It is a connection between two or more people and can be held anywhere, where two or more are gathered in Jesus’ name. With over 45,000 Queenslanders involved in our churches, missional or care services, we are an integral part of the Queensland community.

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Churches of Christ Care

Churches of Christ Care

Established in 1930, we are one of the largest, most diverse not-for-profit organisations in Australia with a single-minded commitment to care, trust and respect for the community. We operate more than 150 care services throughout Queensland and Victoria thanks to the support of approximately 3,000 staff and 900 volunteers.

Our Christian values mean we offer help to anyone in need regardless of race or religion. We are inspired by Christ but do not expect our clients, or you, to be. Our care and compassion are open to all vulnerable people in all stages of life including:

Such services are funded though a mix of government subsidies, grants, fundraising activities, and fees and charges for selected services. Our community housing projects are made possible through the federal government’s Nation Building – Economic Stimulus Plan.

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Values and culture

Values and culture

We are always looking for talented people who enjoy collaborating with a professional team who share similar values and make the best use of their own expertise, passion and integrity.

As you’d expect, we have a strong sense of community and belonging with everything we do based on:

  • Unconditional love
  • Integrity
  • Being good stewards

Bringing these values to life in your own way is how you can help us bring the light of Christ into our community. Together, we bring light to the lives of thousands through our love, compassion and the professionalism we demonstrate daily.

We understand that the work our people do, while rewarding, is also highly challenging. So we ensure our culture is equally supportive and inclusive. Better still, as the breadth of our services proves, we embrace diversity not just in our organisation but in our people as well. After all, differences make us stronger, not weaker. Diversity also makes for a variety of opportunities leading to personal and professional growth.

Unlike most careers, working in our field allows you to combine your career aspirations with a passion for the people you serve. Imagine going home each day knowing that your efforts have had a positive impact on people less fortunate than yourself.

To learn more about our values and culture visit our corporate website.

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Meet our leadership

Meet our leadership

Churches of Christ in Queensland is led by our Council, Board and leadership team. To meet the team please visit our corporate website.

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