Apply for community housing

1. Check eligibility

The Queensland Government determine's who's eligible for community housing. They'll check if you're a citizen or your residency status, your income and assets and learn about your reasons for needing community housing.
Who's eligible

2. Contact Housing Service Centre

You'll need to call your nearest Queensland Government housing office to make an appointment to discuss your needs.
Get in touch

3. Appointment

You'll meet with someone from your local Housing Service Centre to provide details about your situation and to receive advice about applying for community housing.

4. Apply 

If you've been advised to apply, your local Housing Service Centre will help you get started. Here's the form you'll need to fill out - they can help you do this.
Application form

5. Housing register

If your application for community housing is approved, you'll be put onto the government's Housing Register.
Learn more

6. Referral 

The government will match your housing needs to available properties owned or managed by us, or another organisation like ours. Your details will then be referred to us for consideration.

7. Interview

Once your referral has been received, you will be contacted to attend an interview with us to determine your suitability for the property.

8. Offer

Once you have been deemed the most suitable applicant, you will be offered an opportunity to view the property and if you are happy, you can accept the offer of housing.

9. Rent

You'll need to pay a small amount of rent, based on your household income and Commonwealth Rent Assistance, where applicable. Rent can be paid directly to us or can be deducted directly from a Centrelink payment, whatever suits you best. 
Calculating your rent

10. Collect your keys and move in

You'll sign your Tenancy Agreement, collect your keys and now you're ready to move in. Read your Tenant Handbook and call us if you have any questions.