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As life changes, it can bring new challenges for all of us. We have home care services ready to help eligible Queensland retirement village residents to stay living independently at home. 

Some of our retirement village residents will make the decision to move into one of our on-site or nearby aged care homes. They do this once their needs change beyond the kind of support our home care services can offer. 

Most of our 23 retirement villages across Queensland and Victoria are co-located with one of our welcoming and caring aged care homes, while for other villages, one of our aged care homes may be nearby.

We make this transition easy, helping you every step of the way. Your retirement village will assist you with whatever you need: applying to the aged care home for a place, and helping you move there with ease, wherever possible.

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Find out more about what it's like living in one of our welcoming aged care homes, and the kind of services we provide. Our aged care homes are staffed by compassionate, qualified professionals who do everything they can to help you as you settle into your new home and begin life there.

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