Community, connection and support

Stay social and independent 

Living in a retirement community can help you live your life the way you want to. Each of our retirement villages has a dedicated team ready to help you to stay connected with your friends and family and to help you stay independent.

Community, connection and support

What's on offer:

Activities & events

Find out about our common retirement community events and social activities.
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Health & home help

Our home care services can come to your Queensland retirement home - helping eligible residents with everyday tasks and personal care.
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Social visits

Your family and friends can also visit you at your home any time - day or night.
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Spiritual visits

We can help arrange visits with one of our community chaplains.
Learn more about pastoral care

On-site facilities

Most of our retirement villages are specially designed with a range of fully-maintained facilities to help you enjoy catching up with friends and family.
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Some of our retirement communities have a village bus, dedicated to helping you continue to enjoy your local area. Ask the retirement village you're interested in for more information.
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Find out about how we help you with maintenance-free, independent living.

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