Home Assist Secure

Home Assist Secure provides government-funded support to help older Queenslanders with critical home maintenance needed to keep you safe at home. We come to your home to help you with things like repairs, minor modifications, safety and security upgrades.

What we can do


  • Fixing leaking taps and toilets 
  • Fridge and washing machine repairs 
  • Mending faulty power points 
  • Fitting grab rails and ramps 
  • Smoke alarm installation, battery changes 
  • Replacing light bulbs
  • Home security assessments 
  • Supply and install key safe 
  • Suggest tradespeople to undertake larger projects. 


  • Gutter cleans
  • Fixing faulty power points 
  • Yard maintenance
  • Suggest tradespeople to undertake larger projects. 

Find out more about the Queensland Government's program: Learn more about Home Assist Secure

Are you eligible?

If you live in QLD, are aged 60+ (or any age if you have a disability), hold a pensioner concession card and you're unable to complete the work yourself, you may be eligible. You also need to show us that you can't have the work done by family, a friend or via the Commonwealth Home Support Program or Department of Veterans’ Affairs.


While the Queensland Government pays for Home Assist Secure costs, you may need to contribute, too. Your out-of-pocket costs depend on the type of work being done to your home, how much work is needed and when. 

The total cost of one Home Assist Secure job can't exceed $1,500 for labour and materials. A maximum of $200 can be spent on labour for one job. The same person can receive support for a maximum of $500 in labour costs per year - so you may need to contribute if the work you need done exceeds this. An additional $80 per year can be spent on security and safety hardware.

Contact us on 1234 5678 for more information about pricing. 

How to apply

Contact us to apply for Home Assist Secure services. The Queensland Government provides its funding directly to us - which we then use for you.

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