Palliative care

Providing comfort and practical support during end-of-life care

We can help 

If you've been diagnosed with a terminal illness or your life is now coming to an end, we can help provide comfort and care.

We have palliative care programs at most of our aged care homes, all staffed 24/7 by our compassionate and qualified carers and registered nurses.

We create a personalised palliative care plan for each patient, and provide specialist pain management and emotional support to help you through end-of-life, surrounded by care and love. 

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About palliative care

Our aged care homes provide palliative care programs tailored to the needs and wishes of you and your family. While each palliative care plan is different - having been created by working closely with you, your healthcare team and family - there are some common inclusions.

Pain management

We outline how pain and other symptoms are managed, working closely with your regular doctors, nurses, specialists and healthcare providers.

Emotional support

We work with you and your family to understand your emotional needs, and can arrange support from counsellors, psychologists and social workers.

Spiritual support

Our chaplains can help provide religious support, including prayer, services, sacraments and anointing.

Social and cultural support

We work with you to help arrange final social connections and cultural traditions.

Family support

We help families make decisions about care options and provide support during bereavement.

Costs of palliative care

The Australian Government sets the fees for aged care homes, and there are no additional costs for palliative care.

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