Our care approach

Positive wellbeing model of care

Our positive wellbeing model of care is designed to enhance quality of life for older people and promote health and wellbeing. All residents, including those living with dementia, are viewed as individuals with the right to enjoy the best possible quality of life. You are encouraged and supported to make decisions and express choice. It is important that your personal preferences are understood so that we know what makes you feel comfortable, included, occupied and attached to the group in which you live. 

We need to consider what makes each person feel good about themselves and what support do they require to help them maintain and express their own individual identity and personality.

The Positive Wellbeing Model is built on four key elements which are:

  • Person-centred care
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Collaborative care partnerships
  • Supportive living environments

These are essential to achieving quality of life and the desired outcome of positive wellbeing. Positive wellbeing is said to occur when positive feelings predominate. It may be displayed through the appearance of contentment, comfort, smiles and laughter, positive behaviours, social connections and engaging in activities at optimal functional capacity.