Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Protecting your personal information

Our commitment

Churches of Christ in Queensland recognises that your privacy is important and that you have a right to control your personal information. The following explains how Churches of Christ in Queensland will seek to handle your personal information and safeguard your privacy.

We are committed to protecting your personal information, giving you choices about who can access or use your personal information, and how your information may be used.

Privacy Act

The Privacy Act regulates the handling of personal information, including its collection, use, storage and disclosure, as well as access to and correction of that information.

The Act includes 13 Australian Privacy Principles that cover:

  • open and transparent management of personal information
  • anonymity and pseudonymity
  • collection of solicited personal information
  • dealing with unsolicited personal information
  • notification of the collection of personal information
  • use or disclosure of personal information
  • direct marketing
  • cross-border disclosure of personal information
  • adoption, use or disclosure of government related identifiers
  • quality of personal information
  • access to personal information
  • security of personal information
  • correction of personal information.

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Information collection

Personal information may be collected in a variety of ways including registration or enrolment forms, or in personal notes.

Where personal information is required, it will be limited to what is necessary to fulfil the functions of each service. We do not collect information on the off-chance that it may become necessary to have it at some time in the future.

Other information collected may include addresses, email addresses, telephone and fax numbers, medical details, family details including details about spouses, children, guardians and parents; and any notes taken for care provision purposes.

We will only collect personal information if it is necessary for the effective provision of our services.

Individuals will be notified of our intended uses of any personal information at the time of collection.

Personal information will be securely stored and not disclosed to other parties without the individual’s consent or an appropriate legal request.

If you become aware that Churches of Christ in Queensland is holding personal information that is no longer required, incorrect, or out of date; please notify us so we can amend or destroy the information. This will be done in a secure and sensitive way.

Your rights

You have the right, in most cases, to view your personal information held by Churches of Christ in Queensland.

If you wish to access the information, or have concerns about personal information held, you should contact your service’s manager (who is also the local Privacy Contact Officer) in writing.

If your concerns are not addressed to your satisfaction, then contact the Privacy Officer, Phone: (07) 3327 1600.

If you still feel that your concerns have not been resolved, your complaint can be sent direct to the:

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001
Phone: 1300 363 992

Churches of Christ in Queensland
Head Office
41 Brookfield Rd
PO Box 508
Kenmore Qld 4069
Phone: 07 3327 1600
Fax: 07 3878 1268

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