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End Domestic and Family Violence

May is Queensland’s Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month.   It aims to raise community awareness of domestic and family violenc... Read more

We’ve got something good worth sharing

This Foster and Kinship Week (22 – 29 April) is an opportunity for everyone to acknowledge the selfless work carried out by foster and kinship c... Read more

Responding to homelessness in Queensland

During the recent launch of the recent Council of Homeless Persons’ Parity Magazine there were a number of startling facts highlighted in regard... Read more

Youth CONNECT: Building Resilience to Homelessness in Young People

Young people leaving statutory care and transitioning to independence are among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in our society. This i... Read more

Urgent call for doctors

We have published many articles about the wonderful work being done by the Churches of Christ Medical Santo team in Northern Vanuatu. You have read ac... Read more

He is risen indeed! Easter message 2018

Each time we celebrate communion we remember the Lord’s death as we read in 1 Corinthians 11:26: ”For as often as you eat this bread and d... Read more

Family Matters

Churches of Christ in Queensland has signed up to the Family Matters campaign. Family Matters aims to eliminate the over-representation of Aborigin... Read more

CEO update - What matters to you?

It seems that where ever you go today, ‘values’ are on display. Organisations stress their values and what they believe in, succinctly lis... Read more

Churches of Christ in Queensland developments update

Our commitment to seniors’ care and bringing the light of Christ into communities is continuing with new developments in planning or constructio... Read more

Esther to continue dream of helping others

Each year, Ken Wiltshire proudly presents the Beryl Wiltshire Scholarship to individuals who are destined to study towards a career in the caring prof... Read more