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Family Matters

Churches of Christ in Queensland has signed up to the Family Matters campaign. Family Matters aims to eliminate the over-representation of Aborigin... Read more

CEO update - What matters to you?

It seems that where ever you go today, ‘values’ are on display. Organisations stress their values and what they believe in, succinctly lis... Read more

Churches of Christ in Queensland developments update

Our commitment to seniors’ care and bringing the light of Christ into communities is continuing with new developments in planning or constructio... Read more

Esther to continue dream of helping others

Each year, Ken Wiltshire proudly presents the Beryl Wiltshire Scholarship to individuals who are destined to study towards a career in the caring prof... Read more

Growing God’s kingdom—and your investments

In the early 1980’s, as we approached our centenary year, Conference Executive wanted to find a way to use funds generated by Churches of Christ... Read more

Supporting Family Matters

As an organisation, we are committed to “family matters”, and this commitment was recently made official when Churches of Christ Care sign... Read more

Volunteers make for a more pleasant hospital stay

It can be a bit lonely sitting in hospital to heal. The doctors and nurses do their best to make the stay comfortable but it can be lonely, especially... Read more

Fitness at any age

Three residents from Churches of Christ Care Moonah Park Aged Care Service at Mitchelton have put us to shame by racking up over 330 gym session betwe... Read more

Edna's excellent adventure

What began as a gentle swing in a park has led to Edna’s Excellent Adventures, with weekly outings as part of her Home Care Package. Edna, 94... Read more

Ipswich locals find power in numbers

It was not until Terry Bentick, Ipswich resident of Churches of Christ Housing Services, made a journey to Brisbane on 30 August that he “develo... Read more