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Foster and kinship carers appreciated for their caring hand

It takes a special person to be a foster or kinship carer: someone who can show unconditional love, care and respect to vulnerable children. Kinshi... Read more

Exploring our historical foundations, part 2: Baptism

Within the majority of Christendom the act of baptising/christening an infant has for centuries been understood as a sacred and necessary act that bri... Read more

Saving Yarraman

Times have been tough for communities in rural Queensland. On 1 February 2016, there were still 36 councils and five part council areas drought declar... Read more

The great selfless act

Churches of Christ Care are blessed to have over 870 foster and kinship carers who selflessly open their hearts and homes to help children in the grea... Read more

Churches of Christ Medical Santo

Malakula visit "The role of a general practitioner is to cure sometimes, treat often and comfort always". This is the motto Dr Lois an... Read more

The mighty bombers

As young men, barely boys but full in equal measure of eagerness and fear, they left their homes and families and lives. Boarding boats and ships they... Read more

Reaching out to the outsiders

There are many innovative ways our churches reach out to their local communities. Door of Hope in Maryborough, and Redcliffe Church of Christ have bee... Read more

Fighting the thorn in our community

Domestic violence is a scourge across our whole community, and something that many of our staff may come across. It is important that when they are pr... Read more

Welcome Chesterville

Churches of Christ Care is set to help more Australians enjoy the retirement lifestyle they’ve always wanted with the acquisition of Chestervill... Read more

Finding enrichment through volunteering

Volunteering, it is said, is good for the soul. For Michele, volunteering isn’t just about helping others; it is about the enrichment she has fo... Read more