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Sanctuary Model re-certified

Within our Children, Youth and Families services, the Sanctuary model provides a framework for caring for children. It has revolutionised the care and... Read more

Physios see immediate results for people with a disability in Vanuatu

Ben and Ros Aspinall have been volunteering with Churches of Christ Medical Santo, delivering much needed physical therapy care for people living with... Read more

Rural Health Visitation Project in Vanuatu

Churches of Christ Medical Santo recently took part in a project with the overall aim of improving resistance to and the awareness of key disease amon... Read more

Help Community Chaplains help those in need

Social isolation can occur in many different forms, often in the least likely of places. When our community chaplain Michael first met Jane she was in... Read more

Exploring our historical foundations, part 5 - Revival

Exploring our historical foundations is a series of articles and stories that have shaped who we are as Churches of Christ. In part 5, CEO Dean Phelan... Read more

Community opens its arms to rich Australian heritage

Churches of Christ in Queensland commemorated the vast culture and history of Indigenous Australians and their strong contribution to the Australian i... Read more

Betty’s artwork illustrates life with mental illness

In the immortal words of one of the greatest artists, Pablo Picasso; “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Art has... Read more

Arana Hills 50th anniversary

On 22 May 1966, five people met in Ray and June Wilson’s lounge room to break bread; thus birthing the Arana Hills Church of Christ. Fast-for... Read more

Delivering hope through health

Churches of Christ Medical Santo has provides vital primary health services to the people of Northern Vanuatu. With a population of fewer than 300,... Read more

Need for community based palliative care options

•    1 in 20 residential aged care residents assessed as needing palliative care •    Approximately 70 per ce... Read more