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The Church from the Paddock – D A Ewers

The second editon of 'The Church from the Paddock' contains new highlights from the early 1900s that have been foundational to the successes t... Read more

Churches of Christ Medical Santo – Contribution and Reward

Without the kind and generous contribution of volunteers from around the globe, Churches of Christ Medical Santo would not be able to provide the vita... Read more

Telling their stories, through their words

Churches of Christ Care recently partnered with Digi Youth Arts, a not-for-profit organisation that brokers opportunities for Indigenous young people... Read more

Planting trees, saving turtles, living our values—the benefits of Greenfleet

A new initiative being undertaken by Churches of Christ in Queensland to help protect our valuable environment will soon be launched. We are proud... Read more

Children embrace God over holidays

What do you get when children, youth, young adults and adults come together for five days during the school holidays? No, not a holiday in some touris... Read more

Volunteers stepping up

Today in Australia, the unemployment rate is sitting at 5.6 per cent, with youth unemployment at 12.6 per cent. The competitive job market is under... Read more

Opportunites and experience

Churches of Christ Care services have welcomed in volunteers who need an opportunity to gain valuable work experience, with some wonderful results.... Read more

Volunteer program helps children bloom

Much like some flowers require a little extra attention, some extra fertiliser, a dash of water and some gentle tending for them to bloom, so to do ch... Read more

Chief Executive Officer Update

This year’s Churches of Christ in Queensland Celebrate event, with Centrifuge and Annual General Meeting Dinner, looks like being our most well... Read more

Urgent call for doctors - Churches of Christ Medical Santo

We have published many articles over the past year about the wonderful work being done by the Churches of Christ Medical Santo team in Northern Vanuat... Read more