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Delivering hope through health

Churches of Christ Medical Santo has provides vital primary health services to the people of Northern Vanuatu. With a population of fewer than 300,... Read more

Community based palliative care options needed

•    1 in 20 residential aged care residents assessed as needing palliative care •    Approximately 70 per ce... Read more

Singles mingle

Did you know that more than one in three women and 20 per cent of men over the age of 65 live alone? Retirement villages, such as our Sanctuary Par... Read more

National Volunteer Week 2016

Churches of Christ in Queensland joined the nation in celebrating the significant role volunteers play in our community during National Volunteer Week... Read more

Chief Executive Officer's Update

Ministers forum and ongoing dialogue with Uk Churches of Christ A great gathering of all those in ministry and local church leadership within Churc... Read more

Exploring our historical foundations, part 4: The Church

Some time ago, I met with the Mayor and Chief Executive Officer of a regional shire in Queensland, where we, Churches of Christ in Queensland, provide... Read more

New family support service for Mackay

As part of our commitment to helping children and their families and responding to the needs in our community, Churches of Christ Care obtained fundin... Read more

National Day of thanks

The Australian National Day of Thanks is all about being thankful. First to God for the nation we live in and the blessings and freedoms we enjoy. The... Read more

National Sorry Day - a step forward for healing and reconciliation

National Sorry Day is an opportunity to acknowledge and show our support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders and people. Since 1998, this... Read more

Exploring our historical foundations, part 3: Communion

Who we are and what we stand for: a series of articles and stories that have shaped who we are as Churches of Christ by Dean Phelan. Some time ago... Read more