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Stanthorpe sod turning sees seniors support extended

The Churches of Christ Care Villa Carramar Aged Care Service in Stanthorpe is set to undergo a $14.5 million extension, with the first sod turned on t... Read more

Fair Haven's 50th Anniversary

On Saturday 24 September, the Churches of Christ Care Fair Haven Aged Care Service community in Maryborough gathered to celebrate their service’... Read more

With a little care, children can bloom

Much like some flowers require a little extra attention, some extra fertiliser, a dash of water and some gentle tending for them to bloom, so to do ch... Read more

Medical Santo update - Dental visit

"A dinner with a friend in May concluded with an invitation to visit Espiritu Santo and stay at his beautiful holiday house on Barrier Beach. I w... Read more

Churches of Christ Care housing services - 35 years

From seeing a demand in the community for the most basic of human needs in 1980 to helping thousands of people, Churches of Christ Care housing servic... Read more

Dementia-friendly cafe

For individuals living with dementia, visiting new places can be disorientating and confusing. As part of Seniors Week celebrations in August, our... Read more

Melba's story

David Evans from Springwood Church of Christ was deeply moved when he met Melba at a church conference in the Philippines in 2004. He listened to her... Read more

Stomp out the stigma and value mental health

Twenty years ago, I found myself battling depression and didn’t even realise it. I wasn’t weepy or tired.  It was just that everythin... Read more

Leaders learn from Young Australians of the Year

Our Housing Services tackle some tough social challenges in their everyday work with vulnerable members of our communities and they are constantly sea... Read more

RUOK Day 2016

Every morning, we stand at a crossroads. We can choose to help create a world that’s a little bit kinder, a little bit fairer and a little bit w... Read more