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Melba's story

David Evans from Springwood Church of Christ was deeply moved when he met Melba at a church conference in the Philippines in 2004. He listened to her... Read more

Stomp out the stigma and value mental health

Twenty years ago, I found myself battling depression and didn’t even realise it. I wasn’t weepy or tired.  It was just that everythin... Read more

Leaders learn from Young Australians of the Year

Our Housing Services tackle some tough social challenges in their everyday work with vulnerable members of our communities and they are constantly sea... Read more

RUOK Day 2016

Every morning, we stand at a crossroads. We can choose to help create a world that’s a little bit kinder, a little bit fairer and a little bit w... Read more

The pinnacle of formation

Whenever I think back to the births of my babies, I am struck with wonder and amazement. What a gift, what a privilege it was, to experience the mirac... Read more

Joining forces to help diverse families

For many families migrating to Australia, bright-eyed with optimism and the hope of a better life, they can be faced with many challenges as they sett... Read more

Specialised disability and seniors housing for Crows Nest

One of the greatest anxieties for parents who care for their son or daughter with a disability is what will happen as they get older and it becomes ha... Read more

An innovative approach to supporting volunteers and people living with dementia

A new project is helping people living with dementia and the volunteers who are supporting them. The Active Volunteers in Dementia (AViD) pilot res... Read more

Over 2,000 quilts in 10 years for kids in care

As we mark Child Protection Week (4-10 September), there is one group who are providing comfort to children in our care. Most children in foster ca... Read more

Rural chaplain connects communities with support

For the past 18 months Mark Wall has spearheaded a Rural Chaplaincy service in the South Burnett region. "A rural chaplain is not a counsellor... Read more