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Donations continue life of mission

For Churches of Christ Medical Santo to deliver its vital, life-saving medical service to the people of Northern Vanuatu, it relies not only upon the... Read more

On the road to independence

For Dean and Daniel, finding a stable home and receiving the support they need means they are on the road to independence. The young men were part... Read more

Investing in communities

Churches of Christ in Queensland is committed to remote, rural and regional communities, and ensuring that senior Australians’ care needs are me... Read more

Our languages matter – NAIDOC Week 2017

If you were to ask people on the street if they knew anything about Australian Indigenous languages, the response would be sadly underwhelming. Most A... Read more

Wattle apartments in bloom

Completed in February 2017, the $15.6 million Wattle Apartments development at Acacia Ridge provides 40 thoughtfully designed homes for over 55s previ... Read more

In good times and bad... we're listening, comforting and empowering

For our Community Chaplains, two words sum up the most important thing they can do: listen first. “Rather than imposing solutions, it’s... Read more

Taking our past to the future

Preserving our history and who we are as Churches of Christ in Queensland has come a long way. We have progressed from a few boxes stored under the... Read more

What will residential aged care look like in a decade?

“A focus on an individual’s preferences and enablement will shape the future of residential aged care. The biggest change in the sector is... Read more

Return volunteers make remote visits

Since September 2015, Dr Amanda and Dr Michael have made three trips to Vanuatu to volunteer at Churches of Christ Medical Santo. The Geelong gener... Read more

Looking after God's creation

How can we live our organisational value of being good stewards and how does this relate to securing the environment for generations to come? The d... Read more