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Women ready to Shine

Every woman has the ability to shine, to understand her own personal worth, strength and purpose and to realise the potential within her to fulfil her... Read more

Blank canvas excites new chaplain

For some it could be a daunting role. Setting up a new network, in a new suburb, with people from all walks of life also starting afresh, but for Meri... Read more

Brad’s access to support

When Community Chaplain Kerry Parry first met Brad, his paintings were gracing the walls of The Access Place in Atherton. The talented painter was sho... Read more

A non-negotiable faith

For a man helping steer a major Australian not-for-profit Christian organisation, Gerry Weatherall is far removed from his roots as a young English An... Read more

CEO update, December 2016

Celebrate 2016 Last year I was told that every year, our Celebrate events just get better and better. While we tried a different format this year,... Read more

Celebrate 2016

Annual General Meeting Colouring the vision—Centrifuge "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide... Read more

The Church from the Paddock – D A Ewers

The second editon of 'The Church from the Paddock' contains new highlights from the early 1900s that have been foundational to the successes t... Read more

Churches of Christ Medical Santo – Contribution and Reward

Without the kind and generous contribution of volunteers from around the globe, Churches of Christ Medical Santo would not be able to provide the vita... Read more

Telling their stories, through their words

Churches of Christ Care recently partnered with Digi Youth Arts, a not-for-profit organisation that brokers opportunities for Indigenous young people... Read more

Planting trees, saving turtles, living our values—the benefits of Greenfleet

A new initiative being undertaken by Churches of Christ in Queensland to help protect our valuable environment will soon be launched. We are proud... Read more