Types of kinship care

Creating home for a child you care about

 When a child can no longer live at home, the best alternative is often for them to move into the home of someone they know and trust. We're here to help you become a kinship carer, and to keep a child you love safe and at home within their extended family or community.

How to become a kinship carer

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Long-term, short-term or specialist, our kinship care program is designed to keep foster children within their extended family or community, whenever possible.

Short-term care

You'll have a foster child for a few weeks to 6 months. These children are often reunited with their family afterward, or other long term options are arranged if that's in their best interest.

Long-term care

If the child hasn't been able to return to their immediate family home as was hoped, you may transition into long-term kinship care, where the child will stay for more than 6 months and you'll be there to help them grow.

Specialist kinship care

Also known as 'Intensive Kinship Care',  we'll provide you with additional training and ongoing support to help you care for a child struggling with trauma and challenging behaviours.

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