Caring for a foster child with challenging behaviours

Life as a specialist foster carer

Caring for a foster child with challenging behaviours is for compassionate and patient people. Also known as Intensive Foster Care, this requires a significant commitment, and you'll work alongside the child's specially-trained support worker. It's important that both you and anyone else in your household is committed to this journey. Our foster carers tell us it's a practical way they can use their skills and life experience to help create a better future for a child with challenging behaviours - who may have already lived at a number of foster homes. Foster parents tell us life can follow a similar pattern, whenever a child arrives in their home. But there are additional things you'll need to know if you're considering opening your home and heart to a child with particularly challenging behaviours:

Support workers

Your foster child will have a specially-trained support worker who comes to your home, checks in on them and takes them out for events and activities to improve their wellbeing. They'll also connect you with other specialists and service providers your foster child may need, including counsellors.

Specialist training & support

You'll complete our general foster care training program, but also receive one-on-one mentoring . You'll undergo training in Youth Mental Health and also in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. You'll be able to call our 24/7 Foster Care team for advice whenever a challenging situation occurs.

Creating a safe, calming home

Depending on your foster child, you may need to pay a little extra care to ensuring your home is as safe and calming as possible.

Increased financial support

The government provides a High Support Needs Allowance or Complex Support Needs Allowance on top of the base fortnightly foster care fee for eligible foster carers.

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