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"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." ~ Francis of Assisi 


CDF has a range of investment options designed for individuals and churches. There are no fees or charges and the interest is calculated daily.

See below for overview, or scroll down for more information on our investments.

N31 - 31 Days' Notice

Interest paid monthly, quarterly statements, funds are available with minimum 31 days' notice, $250 minimum balance.

F31, F2 to F36 - Fixed Term Investments

Terms available from 2 months to 36 months, 31 days' term available on auto rollover, interest guaranteed for investment term, calculated daily and credited at maturity or annually. Withdrawals can be made at maturity, minimum balance $250.

At Call

Churches of Christ churches, affiliates and paid staff only.  Interest paid monthly, monthly statements, variable interest rate; funds are available at call, no minimum balance.

Growth At Call

Available to Churches of Christ churches on request. Potential to earn higher interest and maintain at call access to your funds. Monthly interest and statements.

Chaplaincy Fund – Term Investment

Supporting Churches of Christ in Queensland chaplains.  Terms available 3 or 6 months.  Option to donate interest and/or principal.  Tax deductible receipt issued for all donations to our chaplains. Minimum balance $3,000. Interest paid at maturity. Auto rollover available.

FAP - Funeral Assistance Plan

The cost of a funeral service is significant. Let us help you to minimise anxiety for your loved ones at a difficult time by providing a convenient investment for you to set aside funds to enable easy payment of your funeral costs.

With the CDF Funeral Assistance Plan, you or your family are free to choose any funeral director no matter where you are living.

Long Service Leave (LSL) Provision Savings Account

Providing a means for Churches of Christ in Queensland employers to set funds aside for long service leave purposes for individual employees.  Protecting ministers/chaplains/employees from burnout. Statements issued to employers and employees.

Church Loans

Available to Church of Christ Churches and entities.

Save easily with a N31 (31 days' notice) Investment

Do you have a savings goal? Funds can be added to a N31 investment at any time. With 31 days' notice required for withdrawals, it's easy to save regularly for a home deposit, holiday or any worthwhile goal.

Let us help you reach your target:

  • Interest calculated daily (at the rates published at cdf.org.au), credited monthly
  • $250 minimum balance
  • Add funds at any time via your internet banking or direct debit - EASY SAVE
  • Let us help you with EASY SAVE. You set the regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly amount to be direct debited leaving enough funds in your bank savings or cheque account and we do the rest: making saving easier
  • Quarterly statements
  • Phone transfers
  • Funds are available with minimum of 31 days' notice
  • No fees or charges

Access your funds with F31 (31 day) Fixed Term Investment

If you have funds to invest without the need for immediate availability, our Fixed Term Investment is an option for you to consider. Withdrawals are available on the maturity date, with the cleared funds accessible in your bank account the following morning. 

  • Interest guaranteed for investment term
  • Add funds at maturity via your internet banking or let us do it for you via direct debit
  • $250 minimum opening balance
  • Withdrawals can be made at maturity making the funds available about once a month
  • Interest calculated daily, credited at maturity
  • Automatically rolled over for 31 days at maturity - unless alternative instructions given prior to maturity
  • No fees or charges

You will receive a certificate detailing your investment including maturity date.

Fixed Term Investment

If you have funds to invest without the need for immediate availability, our Fixed Term Investment is an option for you to consider. This option allows you to choose a fixed period that suits your needs, and you’ll receive a certificate confirming your investment.

  • Add funds via your internet banking or direct debit - EASY SAVE
  • $250 minimum opening balance
  • Credits and withdrawals can be made at maturity
  • Interest guaranteed for investment term
  • Interest calculated daily and credited at maturity or annually for terms over 12 months
  • Available for periods between 2 and 36 months
  • F31 automatically rolled over for 31 days at maturity unless alternative instructions given prior to maturity
  • No fees or charges

You will receive a certificate detailing your investment and we will offer you various options when your investment matures.

At Call

If you are a Church of Christ church, entity or paid staff member looking to have ready access to your funds, then At Call may be for you.

  • No minimum balance required
  • Interest calculated daily (at these published rates), credited monthly
  • Funds available at call
  • Add funds via your internet banking or direct debit - EASY SAVE
  • Monthly statements
  • Easy access – no limit on number of withdrawals
  • Funds transferred to your bank account overnight

Growth at Call

In addition to the standard At Call:

  • Base rate same as At Call
  • No withdrawals in the month - rate increases to N31 rate
  • With a minimum deposit of $500 and no withdrawals in the month the rate increases by 0.05% with the potential to earn an additional 0.25%pa
  • If a withdrawal is made the rate drops back to the base rate and the process starts over

Chaplaincy Fund

Chaplaincy fund - term investment

The Chaplaincy Fund allows investors to support the Christ-inspired care and compassion that Churches of Christ in Queensland chaplains provide to vulnerable people at different stages of their life journey. Our chaplaincy work is spread across our entire organisation.

  • Term of Investment – 3 or 6 month terms available with auto rollover option.
  • A great interest rate is offered.
  • Interest paid at maturity and option to donate portion/all interest to Churches of Christ in Queensland to fund our chaplaincy work - a tax deductible receipt will be issued.
  • Donation of principal is also possible at maturity and again, a tax deductible receipt will be issued.
  • Unsecured but covered by assets of Churches of Christ in Queensland.
  • A certificate will be issued detailing your investment upon successful application and on each renewal.


Funeral assistance plan

Flexibility is the key

Unlike many funeral plans offered by funeral organisations, our plan is fully portable. This means that you aren’t restricted to specific services or specific funeral directors. Hence, you are able to plan for the funeral you wish for, whilst not knowing where you are living when the time comes and what changes you may wish for in the future.

  • You can contribute to the plan by lump sum or progressive credits (EASY SAVE) as your funds allow to help you prepare for this event.
  • The funds in your Funeral Assistance Plan (FAP) are exempt from Centrelink and Veteran’s Affairs income and asset tests provided you have no other funeral plan including a prepaid funeral account.
  • Interest calculated daily, capitalised annually in June and December.
  • Statements issued after interest paid.
  • Interest earned is exempt from deeming and income tax because the funds are only released after death to cover funeral expenses.*
  • Any balance remaining will be paid to your estate.
  • With the CDF Funeral Assistance Plan, you or your family are free to choose any funeral director no matter where you are currently living.
  • CDF can communicate directly with the funeral director for payment of the invoice. Funds are released promptly, once the simple requirements are met.
  • The amount invested must not exceed the Funeral Bond Allowable Limit, as indexed in line with CPI pension increases every 1 July. * The amount of the Funeral Bond Allowable Limit is available at humanservices.gov.au or by contacting CDF.
  • There are no fees or charges of any type, so your balance is always growing.
  • The FAP gives you a unique opportunity to have positive input into your funeral arrangements, while easing the financial burden on your loved ones.

Kindly note that you need to be certain that the CDF Funeral Plan is right for you and you are committed to setting aside these funds, as you will not be able to access them prior to your death.

*Subject to legislation. Current at time of writing.

LSL Provision accounts

Long Service Leave Provision Savings Account

Benefiting the employer:

The LSL Provision Savings Account is a savings account available to employers/churches affiliated with Churches of Christ in Qld (CofCQ) for LSL purposes for paid employees.  The account is held by the CofCQ employer and designated with the employee’s name, e.g. “Church Name” CofC (“Employee Name” LSL Provision).

Benefiting the employee:

Funds may be available for long service like leave even when not eligible under the legislation, protecting employees from burnout.  A minister/chaplain/employee could work within CofCQ for many years and not trigger the payment point for long service leave under the legislation, if that person moves between CofCQ employers, which is often the case. The account will follow with each move the employee makes.  More information follows:

  • Savings account for LSL
  • Beneficial for employers and employees
  • Some *portability between CofCQ employers/entities
  • Statements issued to employer & employee
  • Contribution notice reminders are sent annually
  • Funds available at call, after the waiting period
  • Interest calculated daily, capitalised biannually June and December
  • No fees or charges

*Kindly note: If LSL obligations are triggered under the legislation, the LSL obligation must be paid at termination. If continuing employment within CofCQ, the account with the remaining funds is transferred to the next employer.


Church loans

Church Loans are primarily focused on assisting the growth of our churches. Churches of Christ churches can apply for a basic loan or a detailed loan.

The basic loan is:

  • capped at $10,000
  • repayable over a maximum of three years
  • current fixed interest rate of 4.00% per annum
  • weekly repayments are possible – $68.05 weekly repayment based on above-mentioned criteria

The detailed loan can be useful for funding new buildings, extensions and renovations to existing buildings, church planting, equipment purchases and more. The maximum period for this loan is fifteen years.

Loan features include:

  • Customised repayment plan to suit your needs
  • No penalty for early repayment
  • Repayments via direct debit or internet banking
  • Competitive interest rates calculated daily, charged monthly
  • Monthly statements
  • No fees or charges

How do I apply for a loan?  Please contact us to discuss your needs. We can provide the relevant application forms as well as answer any questions you may have. 





Interest rates

Current at 1 March 2018

(subject to change at discretion of CDF)

Fixed Term Investment

Term $250 to $24,999     $25,000 & above
31 days- 1.60%pa     1.65%pa
auto rollover        
2 months 1.60%pa     1.65%pa
3 months 1.95%pa     2.00%pa
6 months 2.00%pa     2.05%pa
9 months 2.00%pa     2.05%pa
12 months 2.10%pa     2.15%pa

(Interest paid at maturity on all above terms)

24 months 2.15%pa     2.20%pa
36 months 2.30%pa     2.35%pa

(Interest paid annually on 24 & 36 months)


Chaplaincy fund

(minimum balance $3,000)

3 months 2.20%
6 months 2.25%


Interest paid at maturity


(Minimum balance $250 )

  • 1.65%pa
  • 31 days' notice must be given for withdrawals

Funeral Assistance Plan

  • 1.75%pa

At Call

(Churches of Christ churches and affiliates including paid staff only)

  • 1.00%pa

Growth at Call

Base rate 1.00%pa  
No withdrawal bonus 0.65%pa in the month
Additional bonus 0.05%pa minimum $500 credits in the month - no withdrawals.
Maximum rate of 1.90%pa five months of minimum credits - no withdrawals.


Long Service Leave Provision

(Churches of Christ in Queensland employers only)

  • 1.90%

Interest paid end June and December

Contribution notice reminder sent in March


Please read the fine print before making your decision.

Church grants

Do you have an idea for a mission activity or ministry that needs a kick start?
Do you have an existing mission activity that is connecting with the community and meeting needs and could do with a funding boost?

Then we would love to support you!

The Grants

As part of our mission to bring the light of Christ into communities, we are passionate about supporting our local church congregations as they reach out to their communities, meet needs and practically demonstrate the good news of Jesus.

Centenary Development Foundation has made $29,000 in grants available to churches in 2019 to support their mission activities.

What are the criteria?

  • Grants are only available to congregations formally affiliated with Churches of Christ in Queensland.
  • Grants will be considered for existing ministries/programs of churches or for new ministries or mission activities. Grants can contribute to any aspect of the ministry or program including events, purchase of equipment, supplies, transport, publicity, salaries, overheads etc.

What are the conditions of the Grant?

  • Each church can apply for a grant for one ministry or program only.
  • Individual grants can be for amounts up to $5,000.
  • If successful in receiving a grant, churches commit to using the funds for the purpose outlined in their application only.
  • Churches will be required to provide a short report and acquittal of funds within 12 months of receiving a grant.
  • Grants are once off payments, meaning if a new ministry is set up using this grant, the church must be willing and able to sustain it after the grant funds have been spent.
  • Where suitable, the Communications team will work with the church to publish an article in Networking outlining the impact of the ministry and the contribution of the grant.

How Do We Apply?

  • The application form is available to download here. Alternatively please email info@cdf.org.au to request a copy.
  • Complete all areas as the application will be assessed on the information provided.
  • Applications should be submitted by email to info@cdf.org.au.
  • Please contact us if you do not receive an acknowledgement that your application has been received.

What is the Deadline for Applications?

  • All applications should be received by 1 February 2019.
  • Each application will be prayerfully considered and assessed against set criteria related to the application questions. Details of the assessments will not be released and the decision is final.
  • Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by 1 April 2019 and funds will be made available by mid-April.


Information sheet

Application form