Getting started

"Today's accomplishments were yesterday's possibilities." ~ Robert H Schuller

Open a Centenary Development Foundation investment

Investing with Centenary Development Foundation (CDF)  is investing with heart. You will be helping to support the mission activities of Churches of Christ in Queensland. These activities support individuals and communities to connect by providing a range of missional and outreach services wherever there is a need. We are not about the money, but your investment will go a long way to help some of the most vulnerable people in our communities through the Christ-inspired care and compassion provided by Churches of Christ, and supported by CDF in partnership with our clients.

The first thing to do is to please read the fine print. Then, to open a CDF investment, please complete and return the relevant application form and any necessary supporting documents. Finally, arrange with us for the funds to be credited to your new investment.

Please select the appropriate form for your investment.

Identification documentation 
A clear certified copy of your driver's licence (both sides) or passport is required. If neither of these documents are an option, please refer to this form.

The initial funding can be sent by cheque made payable to Centenary Development Foundation, or alternatively CDF can debit your external savings or cheque account. A Direct Debit Request (DDR) form must be completed for you to take advantage of this option. Contact the office should you wish to transfer the funds electronically.

Please mail the documents to:
Churches of Christ in Queensland
Centenary Development Foundation
Reply Paid 469
Kenmore QLD 4069

No postage stamp required if sent from within Australia. 

We encourage you to read the fine print.

Adding to your CDF investment

You can make credits via the following methods:
• Internet banking
• Limited numbers of specially numbered books are available for in-branch deposits at NAB branches
• You can mail your cheques made payable to:  Centenary Development Foundation, Reply Paid 469, Kenmore QLD 4069

It’s important for you to ensure your credits/internet transfers are correctly referenced.

How to withdraw funds:

  • Phone your request to our office and we’ll transfer the funds to your linked bank account
  • Written signed withdrawal requests can be mailed or attached to an email
  • Funds can be transferred to your bank account (not credit card accounts or BPay)
  • Timing of the release of funds will depend on the conditions of the investment type
  • Phone transfers are password protected
  • Written transfer requests are verified by the signatures/email addresses in our records

Easy Save

If you want to save regularly we can set up an automatic transfer of funds from your nominated linked bank account.  Simply set your savings goal amount, allocate the date and frequency of your credits.  We transfer funds from your linked account until you notify us. Linked accounts of this nature are set up on the completion of a Direct Debit Request (DDR) form.

CDF cannot take funds from an external savings or cheque account without a DDR Form for the external account.

The fine print

All investments will be administered by Centenary Development Foundation (CDF) which operates as a ministry of Churches of Christ in Queensland (ABN 28953930342) of 41 Brookfield Road, Kenmore, QLD 4069.  Churches of Christ in Queensland (ARBN 147481436) is a body corporate pursuant to the grant of letters patent issued under the Religious, Educational and Charitable Institutions Acts 1861 to 1959 (QLD).

CDF is a religious charitable development fund that operates under an exemption to the Banking Act 1959 (for current exemption see the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) website:

This scheme has not been examined or approved by ASIC and investments in the fund are intended to be a means for investors to support the charitable work of Churches of Christ in Queensland, and for whom the considerations of profit are not of primary relevance in their investment decisions.  Furthermore, neither Churches of Christ in Queensland nor Centenary Development Foundation are prudentially supervised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). An investor in the fund will not receive the benefit of the Financial Claims Scheme nor the depositor protection provisions of the Banking Act 1959.

Investments are not specifically secured but repayment is underwritten by the overall funds & assets of Churches of Christ in Queensland.

Churches of Christ in Queensland is not licensed to provide financial product advice in relation to investments mentioned on this website. This website contains factual information about the availability of CDF products. It is not intended to provide any legal, accounting or other advice to potential investors but, to the extent that it does, such advice is general advice only and has not taken into account the potential investor’s specific relevant personal circumstances, including their objectives, financial situation or needs. Each investor should seek independent advice relating to their circumstances. 

CDF does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused to anyone who relies on the information on this website.

No cooling-off period applies to the issue of the investments mentioned within this website. Churches of Christ in Queensland, CDF undertakes to repay investments upon request, subject to our Terms and Conditions.


Frequently asked questions

In trying to keep it simple but maintaining legislative compliance, please do the following:

•    Read the fine print
•    Complete the investment application form relevant to your client type
•    Provide the verification documentation required
•    Decide how you would like to make the initial credit

For more detailed information please contact us