About us

"The reward that outdoes all others is the peace of knowing that you did right." ~ Jack Hyles

How CDF supports mission

All the funds generated by the Centenary Development Foundation help Churches of Christ in Queensland bring the light of Christ into communities through missional activities. 

Missional activities positively impact many people in the Church community and beyond, helping individuals to connect with the kingdom of God while providing support, care and love.

Some of the mission activities that benefit from Centenary Development Foundation support include:

  • Chaplaincy – our chaplains seek to build relationships, recognise significant pastoral needs, and assist our clients to access support when needed.
  • Mission Action Partners – a growing number of partners are out in the community connecting people around our mission, and working to develop more followers of Jesus and Kingdom Access Points – places where people can be helped to find God.
  • Supporting local churches during difficult times - assistance with preaching and ministry support, working through internal conflicts, training, transition planning.
  • Next Generation Leadership Network – building capacity in our youth and shaping the next youth and adult leaders of the future.

What is CDF?

Centenary Development Foundation (CDF) operates as a Religious Charitable Development Fund under an exemption to the Banking Act of 1959 and acts as the treasury arm of Churches of Christ in Queensland. Our purpose is to provide funding that helps our church to bring the light of Christ into communities.

Churches of Christ in Queensland has a significant presence in Queensland, Victoria and Vanuatu with hundreds of local services, positively impacting tens of thousands of lives each year. We operate a range of missional and community care services to assist families, the elderly and people in need through church communities and our care services groups operated through Churches of Christ Care and Churches of Christ Housing Services.

CDF invites individuals, churches and organisations to invest with us, thereby enabling the ministries of Churches of Christ in Queensland to multiply exponentially in line with the increase in our funds under management. In addition to generating funds for missional activities, CDF provides loans to assist our local churches with worthwhile projects - new church buildings, additions or alterations to existing buildings, acquisition of new equipment or vehicles.

CDF can only accomplish this with your support. If you are not interest rate sensitive but have funds that are available to invest temporarily or long term, CDF could be an option for you.  The funds stay in your name.  You are issued either a statement or certificate for your investment. The funds are returned to you upon your instruction in line with the investment type you have chosen.

CDF manages client funds in a responsible manner with oversight by our Board. CDF is audited by internal and external auditors. Investments are not specifically secured but repayment is underwritten by the overall funds & assets of Churches of Christ in Queensland.