19 Mar 2024

Meet Margaret

Seniors Living
At Churches of Christ, we are lucky to be surrounded by so many brilliant, creative and wonderful women of all ages and backgrounds.

One of these women is Margaret, a much-loved resident at Moonah Park who has led quite the inspiring life. Margaret is a trail blazer who bucked the trend and juggled work and family life in the 1970s, a time where women were expected to leave their jobs to become the primary caregiver at home.

Margaret’s tenacity and her passion for teaching was recognised when she was given the rare opportunity to take on district relief teaching. At this point, relief teaching was a male dominated field and Margaret was one of just two women to ever work in this role within her organisation.  

Margaret became an expert in all areas of the curriculum from pre-school to grade 9, working at 60 schools during her career.  

Adored by her students, they loved her kind, gentle approach. She prided herself on always speaking to students at their level and meeting them eye to eye to resolve conflicts. Her warm approach with students and her adaptability led Margaret to take on the role of Principal and Deputy Principal at various times. 

At 61, Margaret was as motivated as ever to continue adding to her already impressive teaching legacy and began studying for a diploma and degree. 

Since retiring, Margaret has enjoyed devoting even more time to her family, having six grandchildren and six great grandchildren to teach about life and love.  Margaret is an integral part of our community at Moonah Park Aged Care, and her zest for life and dynamism is well-loved by staff and peers.